Customize npm init default values

Customize Global npm init default values for next project

Customize npm init default values

npm init is a first process of any new node project and we all have to setup author, version and license manually, This tutorial help you to config those things globally .

This is default npm init -y result value carbon-before.png

for chang default value of npm init command you need to follow this Synopsis

npm config set <key>=<value>

Change global author name by

npm config set init-author-name "vimal kumar"

Change global author email by

npm config set init-author-email ""

Change global author web url by

npm config set init-author-url ""

Change global default license

npm config set init-license "MIT"

Change global default version

npm config set init-version "0.0.1"

For more check this npm documentation

All the change has been saved in your ~/.npmrc directory as shown in image below


Now when you create new project with npm init -y you can see your default value has been changed according to your setup.


You can find all list of config defaults value by npm config list -l and follow npm config set <key>=<value> this Synopsis to Customize your value

Enjoy, Thanks for reading.